Dog Walking Tips: What NOT to Do When Walking Dogs

Walking dogs is a daily routine for dog owners. How to walk a dog properly is something that every dog owner should think about. When you take the dog out for a walk, remember DON NOT do the following things as these really hurt your dog:

1.Don’t Make Walking Time Too Long

You should adjust your dog’s walking time according to its breed, age and individual/personality. In general, puppies can walk for half an hour, medium dogs can walk for an hour, and large dogs can walk for one to two hours. It’s okay to walk them twice in a day.

You don't have to take a fixed route to walk your dog. You can go other roads once in a while to let your dog get familiar with the surroundings and routes, so the next time your dog get lost, it can find the way home on its own. (Click here to see Ownpets' solution)

2.Don’t Let Your Dog Eat Indiscriminately

Dogs like to smell whatever they see when they are taken out for a walk. If it smells delicious food, it will run away immediately and even ignore its owner behind. So when walking your dog, always keep your dog on a leash. Don’t let it run around. Don’t let it eat things on the road - that may be poisonous to your dog!

3.Don’t Walk Your Dog While Cycling

People walk their dogs to let them get relaxed and give them opportunity. However, if the dog owner is a lazy person and walk his/her dog with the leash attached on the rear of his/her bicycle and letting the dog to run after the bicycle, that’s extremely dangerous. A dog running after a bicycle has the risk of being hit!

4.Don’t Let Your Dog Approach to Strangers Freely

Your dog is very adorable indeed. However, there are people being afraid of dogs. If you see your dog on the road trying to approach passers-by, you should stop your dog. You can let it approach passer-by when the latter is okay with dog approaching.

When walking your dog, be careful when there are children or women who are pregnant pass by. Don’t let your dog get too close to them. And avoid bringing your dog to places that are too crowded.

5.Don’t Unleash Your Dog in Public Areas

Walking the dog outside with a leash is already a consensus, which can protect the dog. The most important thing is to avoid dog from hurting people and situations when dogs get uncontrollable. The collar and leash of your dog’s should not be too tight or too loose. Leave it a certain space so it won’t hurt your dog’s neck. (Ownpets' full cover harness)

When putting a leash on your dog, if your dog refuse to do so, you can feed it some snacks to coax it. Snacks make things easier.


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