OWNPETS Pets Drinking Fountain

Pet Drinking Fountain

for improving Pet's Health

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Something You & Every Pet Owner Needs to Know.

Keep hydrated - A simple but significant way to improve your pet's health. Water helps every pet's vital organ to maintain function.

Study shows your pet should drink AT LEAST 1 ounce of water for every pound of body weight daily basis.

How it will help you and your pet.

Your pet will be healthier by drinking better tasting, filtered, oxygen rich moving water. Besides, Free-falling stream will encourage your pets to drink more!

Prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets. Save your time and effort to see veterinarian.

Constant Water Circulation

Free-falling water stream not only adds oxygen for freshness, inhibits the growth of bacteria but also encourages your pets to drink more.

Constant circulation inhibits bacteria growth in between cleanings.

Constant Water Circulation Free-falling water stream Install and details Install and details

Two Drinking Area

Considering the different sizes of cats and dogs, Our cat dog drinking fountain has two water drinking areas, the upper falling water area can attract the bigger cats or dogs to drink and the lower drinking area is designed for the small pets.

Two Drinking Area

Double Filter Layers

Our pet filtered drinking fountain contains pre-filter sponge catches hair and other large particles before they reach the pump to prolong pump life and the activated carbon filter removes bad tastes and odors for fresher, better-tasting water.

If you need filter replacement, click here!

Double Filter Layers

Super Quiet Motor

By using the super quiet motor power, our electronic cat drinking fountain won't make your pets nervous or disturb your pets even when they were sleep.

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
  • VERY happy, an EXCELLENT well designed easy to maintain fountain

    5 stars
    By Jeff4U on June 28, 2018

    This drinking fountain is EXCELLENT!

    Other brands don't even come close to accomplishing the fine engineering as this product does, and I've had most of the so-called best.

    It's extremely easy to clean... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    The design is friendly to most any animal. (I have 4 cats and 1 dog)

    I'm so very happy to finally find a fountain that's not a painstaking ordeal to take apart and clean, a fountain that couldn't be easier to add water to.

  • Extremely quiet.

    5 stars
    By M. R. Pitts-campbell on May 18, 2018

    6/18/18 — First Cleaning — parts were difficult to separate, so difficult that I was worried about breaking something. With my wife holding the base, and I wearing rubber gloves for grasp, we were eventually able to unlock the cone section from the base. I am now using a light application of silicone grease where parts lock together. It's available in small tubes or tubs for about $3 on Amazon or at your local hardwares store and is non-soluble in water and nontoxic. I also quietened that very, very fain hum to nothing with an old towel beneath the base of the fountain. The cat has shown no objections to this waterer and will occasionally play with either the 'fall' or the 'pond', so this waterer definitely retains its 5-star rating.

    5/21/18 — Just got it set up, will do a thorough review in a couple of months. So far, though, the instructions were clear and well-illustrated, it looks sturdy, there's enough water available for a good while (depending on the # of pets using it) if the power goes out, it's easy to set up (comes halfway set up from the factory), it functions properly, the pump can be disassembled for cleaning, and it is LITERALLY quieter than whisper-quiet. The only sound is a very, very faint hum, not even the sound of splashing water.

  • Soooo much better than the Drinkwell Mini Pet Fountain!!!

    5 stars
    By Alaina F on May 28, 2018

    We bought this to replace our Drinkwell Mini Pet Fountain (which clogged on a regular basis and was a pain to clean).... You're able to clean the motor in this fountain so there's no spot that gunk will build up that you can't get to... Wish we would have bought sooner!!

  • as close to silent as possible

    5 stars
    By B. Drueke on January 13, 2018

    Our cat was suffering from dehydration due to stress, getting this was one of the steps we took in order to get her to rehydrate. The fountain arrived quickly and was well packaged. The outer box (standard Amazon UPS box) was damaged slightly but the device box was in great shape.

    Every thing was wrapped and so easily cleaned. It is a pretty nice sized fountain so if you have more than one pet, there isn't any fighting for water. It came with two charcoal filters, don't remember how often you have to change it but it's probably every 3 months like any other filter. The assembly instructions were simple pictures but easy enough to follow. installing the internal tower (which the water is pumped through and houses the filter) was tricky but still really simple.

    It holds plenty of water, even at the minimum level. Since we only have 1 cat, there's no point in putting too much water in. When you fill it up and plug her in, you'll not hear a damn thing other than a VERY soft, trickling water sound. The tower is designed for minimum noise so as to not scare your kitties. I really like how it has "still" and "flowing" water so your pet can choose either.

    Our kitty loves it and seems to be drinking more so it's a win all around.

  • We love this water fountain!

    5 stars
    By Chrono on November 23, 2017

    I love this water fountain and so does my pet!!! I upgraded his fountain from a smaller one that I have used for years. He loves that there is such a wide space to drink from as well as two different spouts. The design is excellent as it allows great filtration of dirt, debris, fur, etc. It is not difficult to assemble. I had it up and running within minutes. I have had this product for awhile now, and so far so good! My pet definitely loves it. I also love the simple design. Overall, this works just as well as some of the other similar but overpriced fountains that are out there.

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