How to Get Your Pet Used to A New Pet Carrier

You want to have daily walks with your beloved pup. Considering that your dog may not always be willing to walk on its own, so you measure your dog from the ground to the top of its shoulders as well as its weight, and buy a pet carrier that fits your furry baby perfectly. However, when you want to take your dog out for a walk, it refuse to get into the carrier (All Ownpets carriers).

So how to get your pet to ride in its new carrier? Here are some practical tips for you:

1.Introduce Your Pet to the Carrier

Before you can expect your pet to get in its carrier, you need to expose your dog to the new carrier at first. Place it somewhere your dog normally hangs out. For example, you can put the carrier near your dog’s bed, crate or toys. You can also place the carrier in a central spot in your house, so your dog easily sees it and gets curious about it.

2.Play with Your Pet near the Carrier

Playing with your dog near the carrier will help comfort your dog near the carrier. For example, you can play fetch near the carrier. The more positive exposure your dog has with the carrier, the more comfortable it will feel. Your dog will gradually realize that the carrier is not threatening.

3.Use Treats/Snacks to Lure Your Pet

You can also use treats or snacks to lure your dog into th e carrier. For example, open the door of the carrier and put a few treats inside. Don’t push or force your dog into it. Just let your dog go into the carrier and explore it at its own space. This is to provide a opportunity to your dog so it can explore the carrier on its own.

4.Let Your Pet Stay in the Carrier for Short Periods of Time

There you successfully lure your dog into the carrier, what you should do next is to put your dog in it for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Do this step by step. At first, place the carrier at your feet and talk to your dog so your dog will not feel scared or alone. You can gradually increase the time your dog stays in the carrier, for example by 15 minute intervals, and then 20 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. Continue to increase the time until your dog feels comfortable in it for an hour. Once your dog feels more comfortable, you can try leaving your dog for short periods of time.

Once your dog feels comfortable in the carrier without you near it, your dog is able to stay in the carrier alone and you can take it with you for vet visits or short trips.


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