Ten Tips To Train Your Dog To Wear Goggles

We always deal with lots of bright sunshine all year long. So, Ownpets puts together a list of Ten Tips To Train Your Dog To Wear Sunglasses to protect their eyes.

How Do Goggles Help Dogs?

  • Dogs that is sensitive to light, squints from the sun or glare off snow and ice.
  • Dogs with eye disease. If your dog has eye problems or disease, talk to your vet about goggles protection.
  • Dogs that stick their heads out the car window who are at risk of injury from debris or long-term damage from the wind.
  • Hunting dogs that run through bushes that could scratch their eyes.
  • Dogs that ride on bicycles or motorcycles with their pet parents. They have the same risk of injury or long-term damage.
  • If you need to wear sunglasses outside, there’s a good chance your dog does too!

If you’ve ever watched a video of dogs wearing goggles or footwear for the first time, you know just how tricky it can be to get your dog used to wearing something new.  Because of this, it’s necessary to get your dog comfortable sporting their dog goggles before heading out. 

Here’s a list of ten tips Ownpets found works best to make the process successful. 


Ten Tips:

  1. Buy the dog sunglasses with suitable size and shape for your dog. (Click here & shop for Ownpets goggles)They are made for a dog’s head and eye shape, have safe lens and good straps that go behind the head and under the chin to keep them on.
  2. Put them on indoors and immediately look into your dog’s eyes so he can tell he’s not being blindfolded and that he can see out of them. Assure them that it’s ok and don’t let them paw at them try to get them off.
  3. Adjust the head and chin straps so they are snug but not tight. Then take them off. This is a good time to give them a treat. This step better to be fast, successful and done.
  4. Leash your dog and take them outside walking toward the sun without the glasses on.
  5. Bring treats to distract and reward your dog
  6. After a few minutes, when your dog can feel the sun in its eyes, put the glasses on.
  7. When the dog fusses or tries to paw them off, distract them and assure them. When they stop, give them a treat or other rewards.
  8. Keep the training session short. It’s better to take them off after a short time of success and reward the dog rather than wait until they’ve had enough and get tired of them. You want the training sessions to end on a note of success.
  9. Next time, walk the dog into the sun for a while and do it again for another short session with lots of treats.
  10. Do it again but longer always letting them feel the sun in their eyes first, so they learn they are more comfortable with the glasses on. How many times you need do this before your dog is comfortable with the glasses will depend on each dog’s situation.
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