With the temperature increasing outside, so do the number of outdoor activities. Follow these tips to make sure the hot and busy season stays fun and safe for you and your best friend.

Tip 1 Make a cool comb-out

Like people taking off winter coats in the summer, your dog also needs to have a cool style in the warm weather. One way you can keep your dog cool is to maintain a good grooming routine. Brush away his old hairs, and make a cool comb-out will help him get refreshed in the summer day.

make a cool comb-out

Tip 2 Encourage your dog to drink more water

In order not to have a dehydrated dog, you'd better keep fresh water available at all times. Maybe you don't see your dog drinking water very often, but it should be readily available when he does decide it's time to stop for a drink.

Tests show that dogs tend to drink moving water such as from the faucet because the water in motion seems to feel colder. Therefore, selecting an automatic water fountain for your dog will be a great option to encourage your dog to drink more water. This kind of water fountain has many built-in filters to help water stay cleaner than still, stagnant water, which is benefit for your dog.

You can also place multiple wide dishes in the areas of your home where your dog hangs out to encourage him to drink. Meanwhile your dog can also get cool in this way.

encourage your dog to drink more water

Tip 3 feed your dog with cool treats

In addition to encourage your dog to drink more water, you could also add water in food, and provide wet food that contains higher moisture levels for your dog in the summer days.

On a extremely hot day, you take a cool drink. Don't you think your dog would like one too? You can make ice cubes with tasty treats inside or fill and freeze a chew toy to make a chilly snack to help your canine chill from the inside out.

feed your dog with cool treats

Tip 4 build a kiddie pool for your dog

Some dogs like digging out a den to get out of the sun if the weather is too hot. To avoid the problem of digging and cool your dog down, a kiddie pool is a great, low-maintenance option for him, especially if your dog isn't much of a swimmer. With this pool, running around the yard will be more fun with the occasional doggie dip to cool down.

a pool for dog

Tip 5 Choose a cooler place to walk

It's necessary to walk your dog one a day to keep him healthy. But if the sidewalk is "hot enough to fry an egg", you need to consider the temperature whether your dog's paw pads can bear, then choose a cooler place to walk him, such as grass or a dirt trail. On extremely hot days, it's smart just to keep your best friend inside with lots of fresh water.

walk dog

Tip 6 Beach play is fun, but take breaks

People are fond of going to seaside in the hot summer, but if you want to take your dog alongside, some notes you need to notice: Keep plenty of drinking water and your dog's travel bowl on hand, and select a nice shady spot where your dog can get out of the sun. A beach umbrella works well too. Bear in mind that beach play is fun, but take breaks to cool down.

dog and beach umbrella

Tip 7 Never leave your dog in a parked car

In the summer, the car's internal temperature can rise to fatal levels very quickly, even with the windows ajar. So never leave your dog in a parked car even if it is in the shade. Moreover, a dog may get overexcited in the car due to passersby or panic from claustrophobia, making dehydration more likely.

Never leave your dog in a parked car

Tip 8 Check on your dog often

On very warm days, watch your dog's condition closely. If anything seems odd, such as your dog panting excessively, bright red or enlarged tongue, acting sluggish or being unresponsive or extremely slow to respond, contact your vet in time.

  • If your dog begins to show any signs of being too hot, get him well away from the sun, give him water, and cool him down.
  • If you believe your dog has heatstroke, take him to your vet for help.

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