Common Yet Time-Consuming Problems When Working with Washable Puppy Pads

Puppy pads either refurbished or brand new entertain a sense of cleaning your kitchen or balcony surfaces whose smell and appearance are destroyed by the 2x urine quantity a puppy can’t control especially in summer and autumn seasons.

Besides this, the real-time benefits of washable puppy pads installed and maintained by Ownpets professionals are countless. Yet detecting then dealing with the common day-to-day problems is itself a time-consuming and irritating task for your daily or bi-weekly cleaning routine.

This blog entertains discussing the problems so that saying an absolute NO TO those puppy-loving pads when required the most doesn’t sound awful and less straightforward.

Problem Number One - Non-Sanitary & Expensive

The rubber or synthetic materials used by the cheaper puppy pads lying amidst the patio door for pets' balcony sideways promotes a lack of sanitation thereby entertaining bacterial and fungal infections and other dysentery and cholera diseases.

So, instead of getting trapped by the health deterioration these cheaper pads support, buying high-quality (not much expensive) pads for maintaining the hygiene level of your residential or commercial spaces will give you a sigh of relief at utmost comfort.

Problem Number Two - Week-long usage durability of these pads is difficult-to-comprehend

A diverse number of single-use washable puppy pads may fail to reward a week-long usage durability consistency when it comes to preventing the homes or commercial workspaces with the obnoxious smell & filthiness a puppy’s urine or potty may generate.

Punishing your puppy inside or outdoors mayn’t work for such a difficult-to-comprehend cleaning challenge.

Here, ordering fresh patch grasses or litter boxes can be helpful to a larger extent but still focusing on personalising with the daily usage of highly-durable pads should be made a habit for prolonged and pleasing room/ house smell.

Problem Number Three - Aiming for urine or potty odour control can make you impatient and frustrated rather

Frustration & anger is obvious at times a favourite and cute puppy littered or urinated around the edges of a patio door for pets.

And this may occur at times when the puppy or a pet is sleeping or planning to reach a happier room corner of yours.

The simplest yet interesting thing you can do is set a feeding schedule for the next 54 or 85 hours (days can also be used for preparing the fully-hygienic plan). The benefit will be that the puppy food not finished in the first timer can be utilized as the second meal so that hunger and associated anger can be eliminated to an extent. 


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