Things that Help Your Cat Live Better and Happier

Now that you have all essential items prepared before bringing home a new cat. To help your cat live healthier and happier, you can gradually buy the things below gradually for your cat.

1.Grooming Tools

Grooming not only benefits your cat’s health but also creates a great time for bonding with your cat. In general, you will need a brush and a nail trimmer for grooming.

  • Brush: Most cats will need to be brushed regularly. There are different brush in the market. You can buy a brush that is wire, or you can get a wire and bristle combo. You can also buy a comb that is metal toothed. Which brush is best for your cat surely also depends on your cat. For example, if you own a long-haired cat, you may want to get a de-shedding brush for the cat to minimize the amount of fur that builds up in your home.
  • Nail Trimmers: Cat nails need to be trimmed up once in a while, so you should get the nail trimmer prepared before you bringing home a new cat. Cat nail trimmers come in two types: guillotine type and a scissor type. guillotine types are generally easier to clip your cat’s nails without splintering them like normal nail clippers might.

2.Cleaning Supplies

As you get a new cat, there may be accidents in your house, such as the cat vomiting or peeing outside the litter box for whatever reason. If your cat pees, you’ll need cleaning supplies that break down the urine smell with enzymes. You should be prepared for this by buying cleaning supplies that are specially made for cleaning up cat bodily fluids. Odor and stain remover are available at your local pet supply store and at many supermarkets. They usually contain special enzymes that eat up the acids in cat urine.

3.Cat Harness & Leash

No matter you take your cat out for walks, to see the veterinarian, or be in emergency, you must put a harness and leash on your cat for his/her safety. That is to effectively avoid cat running out or escape. Besides, if your cat like being walked on a leash and love going outdoor, walking your cat on a escape-proof harness and leash will give him/her safe outdoor access, exercise and mental stimulation.

4.Scratching Pad or Scratcher

As you know, cats scratch to sharpen their claws and remove the dull, dead outer surface of their nails to make way for new, healthy nails to grow. A scratching pad or scratcher is a great toy for your cats to sharpen their claws on. Scratching pads and scratchers are fairly cheap and sometimes they come with catnip included. They’re not expensive, and you can recycle them.

5.Cat Tree

Adding cat trees and shelves will make your cat feel like he/she has more space. It also gives him more tools to stay fit. It will also satisfy his urge to look down upon his/her domain from a high place. They should have sisal wrapped around them, which is a great material for your cats to sharpen their claws on. The cat tree should also be stable so your cat enjoys it, otherwise it might sharpen its claws on your sofa instead. If it has a little bed to sleep in at the top, your cat will enjoy that, too.

You can buy cat trees online, or DIY one for your little furry baby as there’s lots of information about building cat furniture online.


All cats love to play. Your bonding time will also begin by playing with your cat and his/her toys. You can find various toys especially designed for cats. Catnip mice, catnip fish and other catnip animals are a perennial favorite. Wand toy is a big favorite for interactive play, which helps your cat get a workout and still makes sure you won’t injure your hands during the play. Just make sure they are sturdy enough that small kittens won't tear off feathers. Besides, cat tunnels and tents are also popular among all cat toys in the market. 

7.Seasonal Items

Some seasonal items will also make your cat feel more at ease. For example, you can give your cat a cooling mat in hot summer days, and give him/her a heating mat in cold days.

8.Cat Grass

Cat grass is a name used to describe several different types of grass which are popular with cats. Although cats are carnivores, their digestive system is equipped to handle grass. They might eat grass to ease an upset stomach, help pass a hairball, or relieve constipation.

Cat grass is available for a few dollars at all pet shops. You can save some money by growing it yourself, but it’ll take a while for it to appear. 

9.Wall Shelf

If you don’t have too much space for a cat tree in your house, get your cat some shelves on the wall will be a great choice! You can install several shelves and a little cat hammock to provide more vertical space to your cat. You should buy proper wall plugs with these, otherwise they might not hold your cat. 



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