Cats and we human are much alike in some way. Adorable, mysterious cats are quite clever and have vivid characters. They are so unique. It seems that nobody would hate a cat - even people could not own a cat begin cyber cat petting. Cat owners buy whatever they think their cats may like to cheer up the latter. Actually, they don’t have to buy too much cat toys. A simple box can be a good toy for your beloved furry baby.

Cats love boxes so much. It seems that once they get themselves into a box, they could just lay in it for the rest of their life. In fact, the reason why cat love boxes so much is not that simple. Let’s together find out the secrets behind cats’ love towards boxes.

Many strange behaviors in pet cats are actually their natural instinct.

The secret of cat loving boxes can also be found in nature. Cat are natural hunters. Their instinct force them to choose small places for both hunting and safety purposes. In such an environment, cats can observe the surrounding. Once they find a opportunity, they will rush to catch their prey. You can provide a box at home for your cat, which not only satisfies its instinct of hunting but also provides it a comfortable place to sleep.

The behavior of cats occupying a box is to occupy a good position so as to ensure that they can observe others while others can not see them. For cats, the smaller the space, the safer they may feel. This also explains why cats can adapt to boxes of any sizes.

Boxes Provide Sense Of Safety To Cats

Cats loves hiding in small places not just for hunting. Hiding in a box can not only provide them a perfect environment to hunt but also protect them from being caught by hunters. Whatever animals that approach to the cat must closer to the box, so the cat can see what is happening around and react instantly to ensure its own safety.

Cats are very sensitive. They hide away once they come to danger. They love boxes because boxes can provide them a safe place for a rest. Even indoor cats that don’t have to face danger are accustomed to do so. Small space, such as boxes, makes them feel safe. They need to ease their anxiety by staying in boxes, especially when they feel pressure or anxious.

Hiding Inside A Box Feels Like Laying In Their Mothers’ Arms

Staying in boxes can make cats feel reliable. It was just like when cats are still kittens lying in their mothers’ arms. Boxes are just like their mothers, providing them warmth and sense of safety.

Kittens usually stay by their mothers and siblings, which is like being wrapped by a blanket. When they grow up a little, they will still try to find substitutes that are solid and warm. The inner material of a box can satisfy such a need, ease their pressure and provide them sense of happiness.

Sometimes cats do need boxes. For example, giving your cat a box when you move to a new house can help your cat adapt to a new environment easier. It can ease your cat’s anxiety and other negative effects that a new environment may bring.

Cats seem to be a very confident creature and are able to deal with other animals quite well. In fact, cats are not good at resolving conflicts with other animals. They tend to escape rather than face the conflict. For example, when you hold a cat in arms, it will reach out its paws to avoid your approach. Cats don’t have the ability to resolve conflicts. That’s also why they try to keep away from other animals or reduce activities so as to minimize the chance of conflicts/confrontation.

Boxes provide a opportunity for the cat to escape from its enemy at any time. The smaller the boxes are, the easier cats could escape.

Cats Sometime Just Want To Stay Alone

Cats are naturally able to get themselves adapted to loneliness. They value their private spaces very much. Boxes provide a place for them to stay alone. No wonder boxes can attract cats easily. Cats love to curl up in a box that does not fit their size and to observe the surrounding. Cats feel more at ease in dark, private places.

Cats are animals with great curiosity

You must know that cats are animals with great curiosity. Cats’ love for boxes may only because they want to figure out whether it is a box, a ball or something else. Their curiosity drives them to “study” the boxes.

If you bring the boxes indoors, cats will lose their familiar environment. Cats know nothing about the new environment. Their curiosity drives them to “study” the boxes, and they will sleep in the box if they find it comfortable to stay. The material of boxes is a good insulator, which prevents the loss of temperature. The box can provide a warm, privacy space to the cat. Cats’ favorite temperature is 86-97 degrees Fahrenheit (30-36 degrees Celsius) , which is 20 degrees higher than humans’ favoured, comfortable temperature. We usually adjust the temperature at home to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 14 degrees lower than a cat’s favorite temperature. At this time, a box can keep the cat’s body temperature well and provide a comfortable environment for the cat.

You may also have envied your cat for its sleeping all day long. Instead, you have to wake up early and go to work. Cats sleep on average 15-20 hours a day. A box can provide your cat a safe, comfortable and warm sleeping environment. It can naturally ease a cat’s anxiety. Boxes are the perfect companion for cats to sleep.

After all, every instinct of cats determines that they will choose boxes. This kind of warm and confined space perfectly satisfy cat’s needs to hide, track, explore and sleep.


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