If you and your dog enjoy going on outdoor adventures together, you may want to consider purchasing dog goggles. In fact, there are lots more situations that would call for a pair of dog goggles than adventures.

Why would a dog need goggles?

  • To protect the dogs’ eyes from punctures or trauma when running through a forest, like in the case of a hunting dog or a Search and Rescue dog.
  • When biking with your dog or let them stick their head out the car window, there is always a chance that small rocks or even just bugs will hit their eyes, causing damage.⁠ Goggles can provide good protection.
  • To help prevent Chronic Superficial Keratitis (This is most common in German Shepherds but can affect other dogs who spend a lot of time outside where UV rays are intense), a common eye condition worsened by exposure to UV rays.
  • To help dogs who struggle on sunny days due to their light-colored eyes.
  • Post-surgery protection
  • Dogs with white-face (especially short-haired ones) tend to have sensitive skin around their eyes, prone to sunburn.
  • To protect the eyes of the blind dog who doesn’t see what they walk into



UV Protection is also needed during winter

While the UV index is the lowest during the winter, the snow reflects up to 80% of the sun’s UV light. It depends on many other factors, but UV rays can be just as damaging during the winter as on the beach on a nice summer day. More importantly, if you spend time at high altitudes where the UV rays are even stronger.



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