Take Your Pets Everywhere: Choosing the Right Pet Travel Carrier

If you are planning to take your pet on a trip, a pet carrier is extremely handy and convenient for you. And if you are about to buy one but don't know which carrier fits your pet the most, this post will provides great tips or details for choosing the best pet carrier for you lovely furry friends.

Here are the parameters for choosing the best pet carriers.

1. Types

If you aren't going take your pet too far away from your home (for example, visit your aunt in the next block), you can just buy a sling or a backpack, as the photos show.

pet carrier, slingpet carrier, backpack


But if you are going to somewhere far away from your home, you must take the carrier construction into consideration.

Based on constructions, pet carriers can be divided into three types: soft carriers, hard carriers and cardboard carriers

  • Soft Carriers: A soft carrier is usually made of soft nylon fabric and hard bottom and looks like a gym-bag. Soft carriers are more durable than cardboard boxes and are easier to carry than hard carriers. They have mesh-like ventilation on the sides and usually have zippered openings at the top. The only disadvantage is that cleaning them is difficult and takes a lots of time.
  • Hard Carriers: A hard carrier is usually made of durable polypropylene and high-impact plastic. It is also well-ventilated on the sides. Hard carrier is much easier to clean than soft carriers. If you own a big cat or a small dog, a hard carrier is your best choice.
  • Cardboard Carriers: This type of carrier is made of cardboard boxes. The advantage of them is that you can easily find. An express box(for example, an Amazon express box) can be a cardboard carrier. But they are not good for a overenthusiastic dog or a crabby cat with sharp claws. They are not durable and may be fine just for short trips.

three types of carriers

Usually all cardboard carriers have handles for easy carrying and loading. But some cardboard carriers may not have handles for easy carrying.

2. Size

Size is an important consideration when choosing a pet carrier. Check the height, the length and the weight. Mostly important, remember to check the pet's height when standing in order to find the best size of carrier. A carrier of a suitable size should has enough space not only for your pet but also for your pet's food or water, bedding or even a toy that can calm it down during emergency.

Remember don't buy a carrier that has too much space either. What we want is to make the pet feel comfortable when being in the carrier.

the best size of carrier

3. Quality and Design

In general, carriers with higher price have better quality and better design. When we are looking for carriers of good quality, we must also pay attention to other features other than price.

Ask the bellowing questions may help: Does it has openings on top? Any mesh panels for ventilation? Is it breathable? Is it waterproof( if you need it to be)? Is the zipper all right? How's the stitching?

Most carriers have the design of zipper with lock device. This is great because some pets are so clever that they know how to open a zipper by pushing. And there are also some additional design features, such as pocket for food and toys can come in handy during emergency.

looking for carriers of good quality

4. Safety and Stability

What we pet owners care about the most may be the safety of our pets. A carrier without stability is not safe. A good carrier must have these 3 features:

  • A sturdy structure with good support.
  • Use of hygieric material.
  • Zipper with locking device.

Some pets likes biting things. A carrier using hygieric and eco-environment material is good to your furry friend's health even your pet bites the carrier. It must has a sturdy structure with good support so that your pet can stay inside safely and has comfortable laying. A zipper with locking device is a definite must in case you pet can open the carrier by pushing the zipper.

Besides, the closure fasteners should be secure enough to avoid your cat or dog making an accidental runaway. And besides the three main types of carriers, there are sling-front carriers which look like backpacks or sling bags that your pet can travel in. However, the safety of these carriers is an issue. You'd better don't use them for trips.

sturdy carriers

5. Your Pet's Temperament and Habits

Different pets have different temperaments and habits. Having the right accessories will make the carrier more comfortable and acceptable for your pet. For example, some pets are particularly afraid of being left alone. A larger size carrier with a wide body for the pet to curl up and hide is a good idea. Or if your pet has chewing problems, you can leave a toy inside.

It's necessary to get your pet accustomed to the environment when you buy a new carrier, no matter your pet has been in a carrier before or not. If your cat or dog has been accustomed to the carrier, it will make your trip with your pet more enjoyable.

Never leave your pet inside a new carrier and expect it to be cooperative during the trip, for most pets love to be with you wherever you go. If you must keep your pet inside the carrier for a long time, open the front window flap and roll up all size curtains to allow your pet maintaining eye contact with you.

Pet's Temperament and Habits

6. Airline Requirements

If you are going to travel by plane with your pet, make sure that you know the airline policies. They often have specific regulations about the pet size and whether they are allowed in the cabin. If your pet is small enough to stay in the cabin, choose a softer travel carrier which can fit under your seat. But if your pet need to stay in the cargo, you must use a hard case or large metal crates so as to protect your pet.

softer carrier fit under the seat

7. Other Features

Additional tools

Many pet travel carriers come as kits and include lightweight fabric dishes and water bottles, which provides convenience for pet owners. Some have communication card and some have GPS tracking to track the movement of the pets, which can avoid pet missing.

track the movement of the pets

Carriers for clothes or lifestyle matching

Actually some people buy carriers to match their clothing or lifestyle. This is a personal preference and there are carriers such as pet handbags that are especially made to suit people's style. Whatever carriers of styles you choose, just remember, do not push your pet inside a carrier with force.

Carriers for clothes or lifestyle matching

Nowadays people make the purchase on line for convenience. But as for pet travel carrier, you'd better go to a pet shop on yourself. See and compare different types and size for the best mobile home for your little furry friend. It will be great if your pet can have a try in it under the permission of the shop owner.


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