Choosing the Right Shock Collar for Your Dog

People who own dogs may sometimes feel annoying when they hear their dogs barking all the night or jumping up to children that makes children cried. They may hear a shock collar may help controlling dogs' bad behavior and decide to buy one.

Seeing all dog shock collar in the dog store or online, they get confused: Which one is better to my dog? Which one should I buy?

Actually when choosing a shock collar, a dog owner with experiences of buying collars will surely see these features:

shock collar

1. See the Range

It means how far a shock collar and the transmitter can communicate. Probably this is the first thing you should look for.

Usually we choose a range of 1 mile. Although we don't really need a range of 1 mile, a collar with a range of 1 mile will reach farther. Then you can still control the collar even if your dog is chasing objects in a very fast speed.

But if your training only extend to the house and the back yard, then a collar with a shorter range will definitely meet your need.

2. Collar and Receive: Are They Waterproof ?

naughty dog

There is a receiver set on the collar so that the collar and the transmitter can communicate.

Probably most dogs are naughty. They like water and some of them may hit puddles or ponds to drink and cool off after a hard run. Sometimes they even run into the rain playing. That's why the collar and the receiver attached to it must be waterproof. But if you just use the collar in the house or the back yard, this may not be important.

naughty dog

3. A Collar with More Levels of Stimulation is Better

As we know, dog shock collar help owners to control a dog by deliver electrical shocks of varying intensity and duration to the neck of a dog. You may see most shock collars on sale are with 4 levels or 6 levels of stimulation.

Generally speaking a shock collar with more available levels is better. Having a collar with more levels means the intensity difference between adjacent setting is a lot smaller.

If you are not sure which one fits your dog the best, turn to the shop assistant for help. Or you can put a collar attach to your dog, try from the level from the smallest stimulation to stronger ones and see the dog's response.

4. Momentary or Continuous?

Momentary means you press and hold the button, but the stimulation that is delivered is only a fraction of a second. Continuous means you press and hold the button and the stimulation is delivered for as long as you press the button.

You choose a momentary one or a continuous according to your need. But don't press it for a long time as it may harm your dog.

5. Other functions


Some shock collars may also unclose a tone or vibrational setting, as an alternative to or in conjunction with the shock. And a collar with vibrational setting will be useful since dogs(like humans) get hard of hearing with old age.

Others include integration with Internet mapping capabilities and GPS to locate the dog or alert an owner of his/her whereabouts. If your dog usually hangs out, you should buy a shock collar with this function.


Last but not least, you may also take after-sale service, warranty and the cost into concern. Those are also important when choosing a collar for your dog.

You can also pay attention to some details. For example, choose a collar in the color your dog likes, which may also make your dog more willing to wear it and make your training easier.

Hope this article will help you on buying the right shock collar for your dog so as to control its bad behavior.

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