How to Encourage Your Cat to Drink More Water

You may not notice how much your cat drinks every day, or don't think cats need very much water. But water is important to all living creatures, including our beloved cats. Preventing dehydration is crucial if your cat has a kidney or bladder problem. Fortunately there are several ways to encourage your cat to drink more water.

Try the bellowing tips. Get your cats drink more water to prevent kidney or bladder problems.

1. Proving Fresh Water

(1). Try a variety of bowls and glasses

drink from glass

Your cat may simply be picky and have his own bowl or glass preference. The only way you'll know your cat's preferences is to swap out different blows or glasses at different times. Better yet, keep several bowls or glasses at all times and see which one drains the fastest. Lastly, consider broadening your definition of "bowl". For example, my cat prefers to drink from a clean drinking glass.

Vary the types of bowls – low ones, high ones, a drinking glass, a big dog bowl. Find bowls of different materials: crocks, stainless steel, tempered glass. Test a few out and you might discover your cat has a definite preference.

(2). Place Water Bowls EVERYWHERE

place water bowls

Place a number of water bowls or glasses throughout your house. You can even place the water bowls in some unusual places. Cats seem to pay more attention to things that are different. Even a little unexpected foot-traffic can be enough to keep your cat from having that next drink.

Put bowls near the sink, on the kitchen counter, near your bed, in the bathroom, or just all over the house. This will encourage your cat to explore and remind her to drink water.

(3). Keep the Bowls and Water Clean.

keep the water clean

If the bowls are dirty, your cat may not be drinking much water. Some cats are very picky about having clean water and will show their displeasure by not drinking.

Clean the bowls out with soap and water every other day and take care to rinse them well. Run them through the dishwasher to sterilize them once a week. Remember to change the water at least once or twice everyday and make sure that nothing has fallen in to bowl, especially if it's near the kitchen.

(4). Pay Attention to Where Your Cat Drinks

cat water bowl location

Location, location, location—it really matters! The water bowls should be in an appealing place far from your cat's litter box. While some cats may don't care if their water is close to the litter box, other cats are particular about having litter box close to the water. So you can try this way if you find your cat not drink water very much.

(5). Encourage Your Cat's Drinking Quirks

drink from a faucet

Many cats would rather drink from a leaky faucet than an open bowl. If you find your cat is attracted to running water, try this way to get him to drink more. Try running the faucet a few minutes several times a day. You can also build it into your morning and evening routine and create some good bonding time for him.

(6). Use Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains is a fun way to encourage your cat to drink. Many cats, including one of my friend's, refuse to drink out of a bowl and prefer running water. Some drink from a slowly running faucet, which may cause a waste of water if they don't know or forget to turn it off. Luckily, there are 'fountain bowls' available, which can provide your cat with running water 24 hours a day.

Fountains not only helps you to save water but also easily attracts your cat's attention. They are attractive because the moving water is interesting to the cat and it stays fresh. Once your cat gets adapt to it, there is no need for you to change your cat's bowls every day!

And of course, remember to clean it regularly.

drinking fountain

2. Motivating Your Cat to Drink

(1). Add ice cubes to the water

ice cube

Adding ice cube to the water will add moisture. And it's like a little treat for the cat. The cube takes on the food's flavor. And when your cat is licking the cube, he's getting water too. Ice cubes in your cat's water bowl also might make the water more interesting and attracts your cat. Some cats prefer icy cold water, just like some humans do.

(2). Add flavor to the water

feed cat

You can try to entice your cat to drink more water by flavoring it with a bit of low sodium tuna juice or chicken broth. Remember, each cat is an individual, and even the texture of food can make a difference. Or you can add clam juice ice cubes to the water, which not only keeps the water cold longer but also add a tasty flavor. Alternatively, you can give the cubes to your cat to play with.

(3). Offer bottled water

bottled water

Buy a plain bottled drinking water and see if your cat prefers that to the water out of the tap. Your cat may dislike the tap water because of the chlorine or excessive minerals in it. Try offering room temperature bottled water as well as chilled bottled water to see which temperature your cat prefers.

(4). Feed your cat more wet food

You should take over any diet change with your veterinarian. But according to my veterinarian, feeding cats with wet food is the easiest way to get more water in your cat's diet. If your cat won't eat wet food, add water or broth to dry food and see if he eats that. If your cat digs canned food, add water or broth to it to make it even wetter.

cat food

(5). Serve smaller, more frequent meals

Lots of cats tend to drink after eating as eating prompts thirst. So try to feed your cat with smaller meals more than once or twice a day. Break those meals into several smaller ones to encourage your cat to drink more often throughout the day. It may take time for your cat to adjust to new feeding schedule, but it can keep your cat hydrated.

feed cats

If your cat refuse to drink water or doesn't drink very much, you can try the tips above. Helping your cat increase his water intake has many benefits. More water = more peeing = healthier kitty = happier everybody!

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