How Can Pet Parents Work from Home and Stay Productive?

With the COVID-19 situation still hanging in the air, many companies had already implemented a form of remote work so as to minimize the possibility of employees contracting the virus.

Our pets might be supper excited to see their parents at home all day long. But for pet parents, working from home can be extremely challenging. To pet parents like us, pets are the ultimate distraction while working from home. How to work from home as a pet parent? The practical tips below may help!

1. Create A Dedicated Work Space without Your Pet Around

As pets are the ultimate distraction to pet parents while working from home, the first thing you need to do first is to create a no-pets-allowed work space. You should not work from the bed, the couch or the futon. Otherwise, your dog or cat may think you are having a rest, they may also stay on the bed, or even urge you to go out for a walk. To avoid this situation, you should set up a work space in your house that your pet isn’t allowed to access. If you want to keep an eye on your pet throughout the day, you can leave him/her in a separate room and set a pet camera in the room.

2. Follow A Consitent Routine Together with Your Pet

If your pet is already follwing a consistent 24-hour schedule since the day you bring him/her home, that will be a great help, especially when you are working from home. But if your pet isn’t following a consitent routine yet, you should set a schedue and strictly follow it together with your pet. A good routine might include - when he/she wakes up, after meals, after naps, after playing, and before bedtime. Once you establish a routine for both you and your pet, your pet will know when it’s time for him/her to play or to nap, and your pet will know he/she should keep quiet when you are at work.

3. Keep Your Pet Busy with Stimulating Playthings

Unlike you, your pets won’t have ennless tasks and emails to keep them busy throughout the workdays. If pets get bored, they can sometimes resort to destructive behaviors. The best way to prevent this, of course, is to keep them busy. If your pets are busy with other playthings, they will have less time to interrupt you while you are at work.

Most animals love toys, especially if they are filled with treats. There are a lot of toys that allows you to hide treats in them. This keeps your pet occupied while you are at work. Brain teasers are awesome for humans, but dogs and other pets love them too. Cats love puzzles that keep their brain busy. Brain games are also important to a pet’s developing brain.

4. Take Advantage of Your Pet’s Naptime

Napping is good for both human and animals. Generally, cats sleep two-thirds of their life away - that's 16 hours or more each day. And for pet parents who need to work from home, it means that you can complete important assignments or make conference calls when your pet is napping. You are free from distractions or backgroud barks during your pet’s naptime. If you can take advantage of your pet’s naptime, you will be much more productive while working from home.


Stay health and happy with your pet! 


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