Why Are Dogs More Obedient When Bathing At Pet Shops

As an dog owner, have you noticed that your dog is more obedient when it arrives at a pet shop and would probably do whatever we tell it to do. Is that because staff at pet shops have special techniques?

Dogs are more obedient at pet shops

In fact, there are reasons why dogs are more obedient at pet shops. First of all, some dogs are just like our kids, they only dare to do whatever they want at home and even “fight” or “argue” with us. But when they go out, they would become quite obedient or even timid. A pet shop is like a pet school to them. Some dogs feel scared when they arrive in an unfamiliar environment like a pet shop, especially when they don’t have their owners around all the time.

Some dogs are not obedient at home. That’s because they are - in some way playing with their owners. They know their owners won’t be too mean to them and will not really angry with them. Dogs think that problems can be solved by showing weakness to their owners, and they may be more wayward next time and refuse to bath again. But when your dog is in a pet shop, pet beauticians that your dog unfamiliar with won’t give up bathing your dog just because your beloved furry baby’s adorable doggy eyes. Your dog will find it useless to do so and will give up doing this.

Some owners did not know how to bath a dog 

On the other hand, many dog owners did not actually know how to bath a dog, dry its hair or trim its nails. Owners will often tire themselves and make their dogs unhappy. Instead, professional pet beauticians have attended related dog training courses so they have basic skills on dog training. They can comfort dog according to each dog’s character. They are familiar with most dog’s loves and hates and can bath dogs well and clean. They can also comfort dogs well. Most of the time, only a single eye contact by a pet beautician could make your dog feel comfortable. 

Shall we bath our dog at home?

“So shall we bath our dog at home? Or is it better to take it to a pet shop? ” Some dog owners may ask.

If you don’t know how to bath a dog and could not control your dog, obviously taking it to a pet shop is the best choice to you. If you don’t know how to bath a dog but you still choose to bath it at home, you could not give your dog a clean bath. You could not dry its hair completely, and your dog will easily catch a cold.

So, if you don’t know how to bath a dog properly, we recommend you to take your dog to a pet shop. Firstly, it helps you save your time; secondly, a pet beautician is more professional, and a pet shop has everything you need for bathing a pet; thirdly, you can also let your dog take a complete body check by the vet. Of course, you should pay attention when choosing a pet shop. The environment of the pet shop you choose should be clean and the staff should be professional. Otherwise that may bring a terrible bathing experience to your dog, or even get your dog exposed to germs and cause it sick.


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